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The perfect dish for your Suriname and Indonesian tooth

Try these delicious authetic food from Indonesian en Suriname out the hand from Gregory Rush. Every morning fresh prepared to have the most authentic tatst.

  • Bami chicken vegetables is not originally a real Surinamese dish, but it was created by the Javanese emigrants. That is the beauty of Surinamese cuisine. Because the population is a mix of Hindustanis, Creoles, Javanese, Chinese and other population groups, this has had a great impact on the way of cooking. And yes, Surinamese bami is made with spaghetti. So don't all ask if I might have made a mistake in the ingredient list. The bami is often eaten as a base, just like white rice or fried rice, and various dishes are served with it. Think marinated chicken or stir-fried long beans with onion and garlic. Desambalic acid from cucumber should not be missing on the table.

  • Rice chicken with vegetables is eaten a lot in Suriname and nowadays also a lot in the Netherlands. This dish is quickly prepared if you have all the ingredients at home.

  • Rol Chicken Curry

    65,00 د.إ

    A Surinamese Chicken Curry Sandwich, one of the best known and most popular Surinamese dishes. Everyone knows and likes it, I think. It's not that hard to make at all. The curry used is the Hindustani masala, which gives the yellow color. The Surinamese masala is a spice mixture made from, among other things, turmeric, cumin, mustard seeds, ginger, etc. You do not have to mix all this yourself, because you can buy very tasty masala at the tokos and supermarkets.

  • Roti Chicken

    65,00 د.إ

    Roti is originally a Hindustani dish and is a very popular dish among both the Surinamese and the Dutch population. Partly because of the chicken massala and the roti plate. There are of course different kinds of ways to make this recipe.

  • Soato Soup

    65,00 د.إ

    Saoto soup is originally a Javanese dish and everyone knows that Surinamese cuisine is a melting pot of different varieties. This soup dish is typically one that is made by everyone in their own way. As a result, you will always be surprised by this delicious meal soup. An additional advantage is that you can vary endlessly by adding or omitting components.

  • Surinamese Nasi

    65,00 د.إ

    Surinamese Nasi is a stir-fried rice dish that is widely eaten in Suriname. Nasi Goreng is originally an Indonesian dish. Nasi means "Rice" and Goreng means "Fried" in Indonesian. When Suriname was still a colony of the Netherlands, many people emigrated from the island of Java in Indonesia to Suriname. With their arrival, they brought their delicious Nasi Goreng. Over time, the flavors of the Nasi in Suriname were influenced by other cultures in Suriname who changed the amount and type of herbs and spices used for the rice dish. The Surinamese Nasi is often served with Surinamese meat dishes such as Moksi Meti (mix of roasted meat), roasted chicken, along with side dishes such as pickled cucumber and bakabana (fried plantain).


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