Surinamese Nasi

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Surinamese Nasi is a stir-fried rice dish that is widely eaten in Suriname.
Nasi Goreng is originally an Indonesian dish. Nasi means “Rice” and Goreng means “Fried” in Indonesian.
When Suriname was still a colony of the Netherlands, many people emigrated from the island of Java in Indonesia to Suriname.
With their arrival, they brought their delicious Nasi Goreng. Over time, the flavors of the Nasi in Suriname were influenced by other cultures in Suriname who changed the amount and type of herbs and spices used for the rice dish. The Surinamese Nasi is often served with Surinamese meat dishes such as Moksi Meti (mix of roasted meat), roasted chicken, along with side dishes such as pickled cucumber and bakabana (fried plantain).


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